Bauertology: 3/8/22

We’re getting very near the end.

Another incredible college basketball season is starting to wane, as we enter the homestretch. Many conference tournaments are well underway with a handful of teams (Murray State, Longwood, Loyola Chicago, Chattanooga, Georgia State) already claiming automatic bids in the field of 68.

Even though the days until Selection Sunday are numbered (five, to be exact), there’s still a lot of great basketball to be had. So before we really dive into this final Champ Week of pre-tournament hoops, let’s take another look at the bracket!

Once again, I did a really thorough side-by-side scrub of every team in consideration—probably took me about six hours in total. If you have any questions about a decision I made or some constructive feedback to give, just leave a comment!

Enjoy Bauertology for Tuesday, March 8.



2 thoughts on “Bauertology: 3/8/22

  1. 3 questions: In your eyes, is there any possible way Michigan State can get to the 6 line? Also, does a 1-1 Big Ten tournament for MSU keep them at an 8 or move them to a 7? What happens with Michigan and Indiana if Indiana wins on Thursday?


    1. Michigan State would probably need to win the Big Ten Tournament to get to a 6. But maybe making it to the championship game would do it. Right now I think you could slot them anywhere between a 7 and a 9, so I think going 1-1 might be enough for a 7 seed.

      As for Michigan, I think they’re probably still in with a loss, but at 17-14, I wouldn’t feel entirely confident in that. Indiana, meanwhile, could be in position to jump into the field, but another win would go a long way.


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