Bauertology: 3/14/21 (Final)

It’s time for the final bracket of the year… well, maybe final, depending on what happens in the last few conference championship games on Selection Sunday. Obviously if either Cincinnati or Loyola win their respective finals, they’ll need to be accounted for. But barring any last-minute zaniness, this what the final Bauertology projection looks like.Continue reading “Bauertology: 3/14/21 (Final)”

Bauertology: 3/13/21 (12 PM)

Today, I’ll be live updating the projected bracket via my Twitter page: @Bauertology. I’ll try to include some live updates on the website here as well, but most of the content is going be over on Twitter for the day. Regardless, we’re just a day removed from Selection Sunday. This is really crunch time. Here’sContinue reading “Bauertology: 3/13/21 (12 PM)”

Bauer’s Bubble Watch: 3/13/21

This is the final Bauer’s Bubble Watch of the season. It’s bittersweet, isn’t it? It feels like just yesterday that we began monitoring our bubbly buddies and hypothesizing their NCAA Tournament odds. But the big payoff is finally just around the corner. Selection Sunday—the great day of judgment—is tomorrow. All of our obsessing over theContinue reading “Bauer’s Bubble Watch: 3/13/21”

Bauertology: 3/11/21

This is my best bracket of the year. I spent all of last night, from about 1:30 to 5:45, reviewing every at-large résumé side-by-side. It was a long, tedious process, but it was all worth it in the name of bracketology. This is the most confident I have felt in a bracket all season. SoContinue reading “Bauertology: 3/11/21”

Bauertology: 3/10/21

One extremely minute change for today’s bracket from yesterday: Mount St. Mary’s winning the NEC automatic bid instead of Bryant shuffles around the 16 seeds on the true seed list and in the bracket. That’s about it. Congratulations to five more teams that locked up auto-bids on Tuesday: Cleveland State (Horizon League), Drexel (CAA), GonzagaContinue reading “Bauertology: 3/10/21”

Bauertology: 3/9/21

No need for a big introduction this time. Bauertology content is now coming out every day until Selection Sunday. Four more auto-bids lock spots into the field: Loyola Chicago (Missouri Valley), Winthrop (Big South), UNC Greensboro (SoCon) and Appalachian State (Sun Belt). There are also a few new faces in the field due to topContinue reading “Bauertology: 3/9/21”

Bauertology: 3/7/21

One week away until Selection Sunday. March Madness is fast approaching. Conference tournaments have already been a riot, and a handful have already declared a winner—congrats to Liberty (ASUN) and Morehead State (Ohio Valley) on wrapping up the first two automatic bids of 2021. More madness is sure to come in the following days. StartingContinue reading “Bauertology: 3/7/21”

Bauertology: 3/5/21

Bauertology on a Friday. That must mean we are less than two weeks away from Selection Sunday. Heck, we’re less than two weeks away from the start of the NCAA Tournament with the First Four on Thursday, March 18. It is almost the best time of the year. Today’s bracket doesn’t see too many changesContinue reading “Bauertology: 3/5/21”

Bauertology: 3/3/21

This is March. March 3, to be exact. For the last month, I’ve been posting my bracket projections on Wednesdays and Saturdays, but we’re changing that up for the homestretch. If you’d like to take a look at the planned posting schedule for March leading up to Selection Sunday, make sure to check out thisContinue reading “Bauertology: 3/3/21”


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