Bauertology: 3/13/22 (FINAL)

My final bracket of the year. All seeds and bracket projections finalized as of 3:55 p.m. Mountain Time. THE TRUE SEED LIST, BUBBLE, AND BIDS BY CONFERENCE THE BRACKET

Bauertology: 3/8/22

We’re getting very near the end. Another incredible college basketball season is starting to wane, as we enter the homestretch. Many conference tournaments are well underway with a handful of teams (Murray State, Longwood, Loyola Chicago, Chattanooga, Georgia State) already claiming automatic bids in the field of 68. Even though the days until Selection SundayContinue reading “Bauertology: 3/8/22”

Bauertology: 3/3/22

This is March. …OK, I’m two days late to the party. Hopefully, I can get more brackets and analysis and other things out soon, but work has been just so busy lately. Really the only reason that I was able to get out a bracket today is because I’m off work. (And perhaps I’m puttingContinue reading “Bauertology: 3/3/22”

Bauertology: 2/21/22

Welcome to the first post-top-16-reveal Bauertology! Throughout January and early February, bracketology is a little bit of a guessing game in regards to what the selection committee most values. We kept in mind that last year’s bracket saw selection of teams mostly impacted by résumé (quality wins, strength of schedule, etc.) while seeding was moreContinue reading “Bauertology: 2/21/22”

Bauertology: 2/17/22

Sorry that it’s been a while since I’ve posted one of this! Life being busy and all that. The shape of the tournament bracket is starting to get interesting. Teams that we once thought were totally secure, such as Indiana, are out of the bracket entirely, and teams that we thought had no chance, likeContinue reading “Bauertology: 2/17/22”

Bauertology: 2/9/22

Bauertology for Wednesday, Feb. 9 is here! Decided to make a couple changes, including giving the auto-bids in the 13-16 seed range to the current conference leaders, instead of who I think is the best team. I also decided to keep Auburn No. 1 overall in spite of their loss to Arkansas, but I canContinue reading “Bauertology: 2/9/22”

Bauertology: 2/4/22

You know it’s getting serious when twice-a-week Bauertology returns! It’s crazy to think how fast March is approaching; conference tournaments are due to begin at the tail end of February. But there’s still plenty of madness to happen between now and then, so don’t expect this bracket to look like the final version at all!Continue reading “Bauertology: 2/4/22”

Bauertology: 2/1/22

It’s February. That means the most spectacular month of all is, well, a month away. It also means I should be posting content more often! As per tradition, once the Super Bowl wraps up, it’ll be Bubble Watch season. And you know how much I love writing those! For now, I’m going to try toContinue reading “Bauertology: 2/1/22”

Bauertology: 1/21/22

Bauertology for Friday, January 21 is here! There’s been a lot of changes since the last update a couple weeks ago, including a new face at No. 1. I’m experimenting with how to display all the information that I like to include (bracket, true seed list, bubble, bids by conference), so let me know ifContinue reading “Bauertology: 1/21/22”


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